Disrespecting the Belt

NEVER step on your belt, Never tie your belt in front of your superior belt holders. Never wear a belt below the belt level you have earned. Never fold your belt, always roll it up. Never throw your belt on the ground and above all don’t do anything that will disrespect the belt. Throughout the years I have heard a lot of different rules as to how you should treat your belt.

Too much emphasis on belts and how a belt should be treated, respected and so forth generates miss-leading mind set regarding the purpose of training. It places a huge emphasis on rank and hierarchy and leads one to think attaining a belt should be the major objective of training. It takes the focus off the real goal.

If you do train in a martial arts system that awards belts I’m not completely against holding a few traditions. I think it’s healthy for people to be recognized for a significant accomplishment by ones piers. However keep in mind the awarding of belts in Martial Arts is a modern practice not an ancient one.

Your objective is not to get a black belt but it is to attain the abilities of the black belt. The real accomplishment is you not the actual belt. The skill level and abilities you gain through training and how that experience has positively impacted your life is the real achievement. Gaining new level of excellence, reaching beyond the norm to achieve the extra-ordinary is the real achievement. Honestly this has nothing to do with wearing a belt. This is something no one can give to you but yourself.

Good Luck and Good Training,

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Sam Kressin