Sports Medicine

Injuries will slow down your progress, impair your lifestyle and negatively affect your performance. They will hinder you at work, bring down your career, impede your ability to help family members, friends and loved ones and overtime ruine your quality of living! After years working as a fitness center supervisor, a personal trainer, a strength and conditioning coach and a martial arts instructor I have seen so many athletes, sustain injuries. The problem with having injuries is they take the joy out of life, out of exercise, health wellness and doing the things you love. Left untreated and ignored injuries can overtime become worst and even minor ailments will turn into major problems.

I can help as a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist and a Certified Massage Therapist my specialty lies in the treatment of orthopedic and athletic injuries using Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Traditional Herbology and Tui Na Medical Massage.

Some of the many benefits of treatment include…

  • Feel better; alleviate, reduce and eliminate pain, both acute and chronic.
  • Alleviate; stiff and tight muscles.
  • Improve performance; in sports at work and at home, enable yourself to better help your friends, families, and loved ones because you will be at your best.
  • Quick recovery from injury and illness; get back to doing what you love to do the most rapidly.
  • Support; your body as you recover and give yourself the best possible advantage to get well.
  • Improved activity; manage the restraints associated with disease and aging.
  • Become empowered; Instead of just sitting around waiting for something to change take control of the situation and do something now to become whole once again.
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Sam Kressin