Sports Tui-Na

Massage has been a principal method of treating musculoskeletal problems for many thousands of years. Tui-Na (pronounced “twee-nah”) is a form of medical massage therapy practiced in China. Although capable of treating a wide range of aliments Tui Na is commonly used to treat conditions that in the west would require an osteopath, physical therapist, athletic trainer or sports therapist here in the west. Tui Na is done with the patient fully clothed and utilizes various therapeutic massage techniques along with movement oriented therapy and manipulation to treat soft tissue injury.

Aside from the United States which views massage more as a means of relaxation most countries consider massage to be an necessary component of  sports medicine as well as general health care. Vitally important for avoiding lengthy rehabilitation, treating minor injuries and resolving problems with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Trained in Tui Na I use it in a complementary role along with acupuncture and traditional chinese herbal medicine to better assist my patients.

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Sam Kressin