Catch Wrestling

The ancestor to both modern day amateur and Professional wrestling, Catch Wrestling reached its height of popularity just before World War I. Catch Wrestlers won their matches via pin or submission and they would often travel from town to town taking on all challengers. Some of these wrestlers such as the great Frank Gotch (right) reached levels of international stardom. Eventually matches became fixed and new rules were set in place and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling (AKA “Catch” Wrestling)  fell into obscurity.

It is very difficult to find legitimate, authentic instruction in this old style of wrestling. Having trained directly with legendary Catch Wrestler Billy Robinson, I instruct real Catch As Catch Can Wrestling in a safe fun and easy to learn environment. I am an Assistant Coach and Level III Catch Wrestler Certified by Catch Wrestling Legend Billy Robinson and Scientific Wrestling.

The following are some of the many benefits gained from regular training in Catch Wrestling:

  • Fill in many of the grappling areas less emphasized, and often completely left out, of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu such as Leg Locks, Neck Cranks, Pins and Take-downs.
  • Learn how to apply the more dangerous submission holds such as neck cranks and leg locks safely utilizing the proper application of leverage and control.
  • Learn the classic take-downs native to Catch as Catch Can Wrestling and how these take-downs work effortlessly without reliance on the explosiveness,  speed, and power as those used most  commonly in modern day amateur wrestling.
  • Learn many of the Catch Wrestling specialty submissions like the Key Lock, the Double Wrist Lock, Toe-Holds, Stockades, and so forth.
  • Improve your self-defense skills;  you will learn how to use pain compliance to subdue and control an opponent.
  • Increase your confidence, mental focus and performance both inside and outside of the gym.

What you should know

I will coach you 100% Catch as Catch Can Wrestling. You will get pure strict Catch Wrestling as it has been instructed by Billy Robinson.  While many Catch Wrestling techniques are applicable in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the reverse is not true.  Catch as Catch Can is its own unique style, sport and martial art. To get started contact me here.

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Sam Kressin