How to Make a Custom Dit Dat Jiao

Dit Dat Jiao literally means “hit fall wine”, and is often referred to as trauma liniment. The name Dit Dat Jioa is a general term and there are in fact thousands of Dit Dat Jiao liniments. Each one is made with different herbs as a specialized liniment specifically for the purpose of treating contusions, sprains, strains,

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Exercise Techniques

Sitting at Devils Post Pile

Wicked Warm-Ups

Location: Devils Post Pile located right next to Mammoth Lakes in Madera County of Eastern California. Devils Post Pile was formed by molten lava and glacial ice. Thousands of years ago as the lava cooled cracks formed on the surface into hexagons one of natures most stable shapes. It is believed that during the ice age

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Apple Valley Dinosauers

Colossal Squats for Conditioning

Location: Dinosaur Ruines, Cahuila Rd, Apple Valley, CA Actually known by many names this site was originally intended to be a miniature golf course. These concrete dinosaurs were constructed cira the 1970s by a man named Lonnie Coffman and Gregory L. Wicker. Wicker and Air Force serviceman at the time helped to build the giant concrete, chicken wire, re-barb  structures in

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Wigwam Truck 2

Chief Core Conditioning

An Exclusive Strength Technique Laboratory Study Location: 2728 West Foothill Blvd. San Bernardino, CA 92410 (off of route 66) Built in 1949 this location was the last of a chain of seven Wigwam Motels that began in 1930s. Today it is one of only three remaining Wigman Motels. The 30 foot tall tepees are mode from

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Latest News and Events


Wade Schalles To Be New Head Coach of Scientific Wrestling

I was interviewed and quoted heavily for this latest article on Bloody elbow about Billy Robinson’s passing and Wade Schalles as the new head coach of Scientific Wrestling. “The catch wrestling organization formerly associated with the late Billy Robinson has announced their new head coach for wrestling seminars and certifications. Speaking exclusively with Bloody Elbow, read comments

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Catch Wrestling

Billy Robinson Coaching

Billy Robinson European Catch Wrestling Tour 2013 U.K.

After a safe touched down in Manchester Billy, Jake and myself met up with our host Andy Crittenden who shuttled us over to our hotel to get settled in. Andy Crittenden is a guy who has done a lot for Catch Wrestling in the U.K. in the last several years. It was Andy’s organizational skills

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Face Full of Twinkies


This is the first in a series of articles I am writing on the topic of performance nutrition. Unfortunately, when this topic comes up most people think of the latest supplement, “super” food, or herbal product being marketed through the media, (I will address this topic in the future); most people completely forget to look

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Mental Game


Curriculum and Technique

Becoming a Blue, Purple, Brown or Black Belt has nothing to do with specific techniques. It has everything to do with how you move, assimilate proprioceptive information, develop sensitivity to pressure and weight, combine timing with fluidity.